Thank You for Joining CCM for the Virtual Debut of Moveable Feast

We know your life has changed drastically since Moveable Feast 2020. Things have changed at CCM, too. But with change comes opportunity – the opportunity to grow, to re-invent and to rise above. At CCM, we are using our creative mindset and this unique opportunity to achieve what’s next in the arts. And you will get a front row seat to the future of the arts at Moveable Feast's virtual debut.

You’ll be wowed by CCM’s talented students and some of our most prominent alumni — all from the comfort of your own home. Join us as we travel around the country to see firsthand how CCM sets the bar in the arts world. You’ll enjoy an evening with the CCM family — despite the miles, or the social distance, that may separate us.

Together, we’ll show our students, alumni and community that the gift of talent is valued now more than ever.


Richard E. Thornburgh

The Castleberry Family

Sandra* & Stephen Joffe

Paula Boggs Muething* & Brian Muething

Patti Myers* & Alan Flaherty

Freeman Durham & Dean Clevenger

Tim Giglio*

Liz Grubow & Jerry Kathman

David & Karen Hoguet

Arlene* & Bill Katz

Kenton Shaw Interior Design*

Dr. Pat O'Connor

Brett Offenberger & Doug Duckett

Susan & John Tew

Barbara Weyand

Dean Jeffrey Bauer & Petra Hackenberg-Bauer, M.D.
John Boggess* & Ryan Steffen
Bethanie Butcher
Shannon* & Lee Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Victor DiPilla
Nancy & John Duritsch
Susan & David Eltringham
Andrew T. Filak, Jr., MD
Linda & Gary Greenberg
Bill* & Jo Ann Harvey
Marty Humes
Patti & Keith James
Peter E. Landgren & Judith Schonbach Landgren*

George-Ann & James Lawrence
Ken & Melissa Mailender
Greg Mathein
Robbie & John Michelman
Linda & Jim Miller
Peter Quinnan & Mark Boire
Ellen Rieveschl
Stanley & Shannon Romanstein
Martha & Lee Schimberg
Digi & Mike Schueler
Catherine Scruggs*
Ellen & Ray van der Horst
Anna & Rick VanMatre*
Waldman & Company, CPAs

*Denotes CCMpower Board member